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Sult Sjøholmen Café

“We end up ordering more items because it is easier to find items that inspire.”

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Thea Caroline Martens Nov 17, 2020

How does ordering through Cerve compare to other suppliers?

The best thing with ordering via Cerve is that I can do it on my mobile. In a hectic everyday life, it is incredibly nice that you do not have to log in to a PC but can only make a quick order via the phone.

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What are the best parts of ordering through Cerve for you?

1. Clear

2. Visual

3. Instant

How has Cerve's ordering solution affected your relations with your wholesaler?

We end up ordering more items because it is easier to find inspiring products.

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Salads, Buffé, Norwegian Cuisine, Baked Goods


Sandviksveien 130, 1365 Blommenholm, Norway

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