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Sales automation for foodservice distributors.

Increase your foodservice distribution's profitability by digitising sales and order management with an integrated ordering platform.

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Gather all your customers in one ordering app.

Whether you sell to hospitality services, municipalities or retail, Cerve is designed for your customers to place orders online easily, with maximal transparency, 24/7 and from anywhere they are.

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Reduced Expenses

Cerve’s connected distributors decreased sales and marketing expenses.


Increase in order value

Cerve encourages customers to explore your entire assortment, putting your upsell on auto-pilot.


Increase in new buyers

Elevated ordering experience with Cerve increases customer acquisition.

Real-time integration with your ERP.

Our integrations are adjusted to your business to allow complete flexibility and customisation to your distribution.
How do we integrate?

Already automated 54,865 orders in a value of 30 789 985kr.

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